Prepare Your AWS Account

Before CloudCheckr can begin to monitor your AWS account, you must complete your configuration in CloudCheckr and AWS.

To ensure your configuration is successful, complete each of the following steps in order.

Click each step for a description and to get a link to further instructions.

What is it? An object you attach to a user, user groups, roles, or resource that defines what that entity can or cannot access in AWS.

Instructions: Create a Policy

What is it? The most secure way to delegate access to resources in different AWS accounts.

What do I do with it? You will attach the policy to your cross-account role.


Creating a Cross-Acount Role Manually (best for customers new to AWS)

Creating AWS Credentials with CloudFormation (fastest method but recommended for customers with AWS experience)

What is it? The AWS billing reports that CloudCheckr uses to generate its cost reports.

Instructions: Enabling Detailed Billing Reports

What is it? Labels that you assign to your resources to organize those resources and track specific AWS costs.

Instructions: Enabling Tags for Cost Reports

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