Savings Plans Analytics

AWS Savings Plans provide a flexible, simple way to save on your usage versus On-Demand pricing. But to maximize their full benefit and ensure they are working optimally across your deployment, you must analyze key Savings Plan usage data.

The Savings Plan Analytics report empowers you to quickly identify your coverage, cost, savings, utilization, and waste with zero configuration. The report allows you to see these trends over 1, 3, 6, or 12 month timeframes, to gauge the effectiveness of your Savings Plans against your resource fleet.


To leverage the Savings Plan data in CloudCheckr CMx, you must: 

  • use AWS as a cloud provider
  • purchase an AWS Savings Plan 
  • use the AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR) as your billing method
  • use the updated Cost Least Privilege Policy, granting IAM permissions to savingsplans:DescribeSavingsPlans

Accessing the Report

The Savings Plans Analytics report is available to all AWS payer accounts in CloudCheckr.

Users with View reserved usage reports permissions will have access to this report.

To access the report, navigate to Cost > Reserved Usage in the Left Navigation pane.

Or, simply search for Savings Plans in the report search bar at the top of the application and select Savings Plans Analytics.

Coverage, Utilization, & Waste

Am I wasting any Savings Plans and is there room for optimization?

After you purchase Savings Plans, you'll want to make sure that you're taking full advantage of your available discounts and not wasting any savings opportunities. But it's not good enough to just know how you're doing right now. You need to be able to see recent and historic trends and ensure you're maintaining a healthy Savings Plan portfolio.

Our coverage, utilization, and waste charts make it very easy to see how well your Savings Plans are, and have been, performing. By identifying how much of your total usage is left uncovered by any Savings Plan, you can decide whether investing in additional Savings Plans would be wise. When examining the uncovered usage, keep in mind that you may also have RIs covering some portion or all of that usage. The utilization and wasted commitment data informs you on whether you've over-purchased Savings Plans.


How much money have I saved with my Savings Plan strategy?

The Realized Savings charts will track how much your Savings Plans have actually saved you versus the same usage would have cost at On-Demand pricing.  This data is presented both in a bar chart, for easy trend analysis, and as a dollar figure, comparing current savings versus historic.


How much did I spend on Savings Plans to achieve my savings?

The fees chart will show you how much your Savings Plans cost, broken out by upfront and recurring fees.  This data is a reflection of the actual cost in each monthly bill and does not amortize the upfront costs across the term of a Savings Plan. This data can also be viewed over 1, 3, 6, or 12 month timeframes to track your historic spend.

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