Change Monitoring

The Change Monitoring report allows you to track daily changes that occur within your AWS account.  CloudCheckr takes a snapshot of your AWS deployment every day, compares it against the previous day, and identifies any services that were added, deleted, or modified.

CloudCheckr can deliver the Change Monitoring report as a daily email, so you can stay on top of any changes impacting your CloudCheckr account.

Using the Report

By default, the report will show you the daily changes in your account over the past seven days. You are able to display results by selecting a custom date range. You can also search for specific AWS resources by their resource ID. The results in the report are organized by color:

  • Green: newly added resources
  • Red: deleted resources
  • Yellow: modified resources

You can view the specifics for any changes detected in the report simply by clicking on the item.  The change will expand, and its details will be shown.  You will see the resource that has been added/deleted/modified, the region where the resource is located (when applicable), and any further details.   If you would like further information about any resource, click the resource ID and you will be redirected to a corresponding CloudCheckr details report.


If you don't want a change to display within your report, they can be ignored.  To the far right of each detected change you will see an X.  If you click the X, CloudCheckr will hide that change from your report immediately and will hide it from all future reports and your Change Monitoring emails.

This is on the change level.  So if you choose to ignore Spot Instance Requests Added, any time a Spot Request is made within your AWS account, you will not see that within your Change Monitoring report or emails.

You can also choose to view your ignored items at any time by selecting the Show Ignores checkbox at the top of the report and clicking the Filter button. Anything that has previously been ignored can also be restored to the main report and emails through this menu.

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