Configure the Cost and Usage Report in CloudCheckr

By the end of 2019, AWS will deprecate the DBR in favor of the CUR and CloudCheckr will follow suit by replacing the DBR with the CUR. At this time, CloudCheckr customers can use either billing method. For more information, review the Transition from DBR to CUR FAQ.

In response to AWS's decision to replace the DBR with the CUR as it primary billing method, we have integrated the CUR functionality into the CloudCheckr application. The CUR will offer you many improvements including more visibility into Reserved Instances (RIs), AWS Marketplace charges, and other customizations.

To configure the CUR in CloudCheckr, you must apply the values that you configured in AWS.


  1. Launch CloudCheckr.
  2. If you have already created an account in CloudCheckr, select the account where you need to configure the CUR.
  3. From the left navigation pane, choose Account Settings > Billing and Usage.

    The Billing and Usage Configuration page opens.

  4. In the Cost and Usage Report (CUR) section, provide the values that you created earlier in AWS:

    • RI collect start date
    • report name
    • bucket name
    • bucket region
    • folder prefix
    • For the folder prefix:
      • If you did provide a report path prefix when you configured your report in AWS, just copy the folder name:

      • If you did not provide a report path prefix, just leave this field blank.
  5. Select the Enabled checkbox to indicate that you want the application to use the CUR.
  6. Click Save Configuration.

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