Add a Fixed Custom Billing Charge or Credit

This type of custom billing charge allows you to apply an additional one-time or recurring custom billing charge or credit with a set monetary value.

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You must be a Payer to create this custom billing charge, but both payers and payees will be able to see it. CloudCheckr will display it as a single line item under List cost.

Options and Procedure

Click a button to learn more about the options that you can configure and to see instructions on how to apply this custom billing charge:

Option Action Example (if applicable)
Start/End Date

Choose a month and year from the Date Picker (required).

If you want the custom billing charges to continue indefinitely, do not choose an end date.

If the start date is any date in the past, you will need to reload the billing report for the months where you want to apply the custom billing charge.

July 2020
Amount Type a monetary value for the fixed custom billing charge or credit. NA
One time/Monthly recurring

Select One time if you want CloudCheckr to apply this custom billing charge only once.

Select Monthly recurring if you want CloudCheckr to apply this custom billing charge each month.

Exclude From Support Charge Calculation

Select if you don't want to include the fixed custom billing charge or credit in any support charge calculation.

Description Type a description that uniquely identifies the custom billing charge. General 5% premium on all charges
Apply to charges that match these values

Only applies your custom billing charge when the parameters in your billing report match the values you selected for the Account or Account Family properties.

All accounts in Account Family 123
Custom billing charges adhere to basic rules of multiplication: when you multiply two negative numbers, you will get a positive value. For example, if your monthly spend is $200 and you configure a fixed discount of $500, your total will be negative. When you multiply that negative total by a Monthly Discount of -2.7%, you will get a positive number (charge) rather than a discount.

For our use case, let's say we want to create a monthly recurring fixed charge of $500 for extra support provided to customers. Follow this procedure to see how to configure a custom billing charge that meets these requirements:

  1. Launch CloudCheckr.
  2. Select your account from the Accounts List page.
  3. From the left navigation pane, choose Cost > AWS Partner Tools > Configure > Custom Billing Charges.
  4. On the Custom Billing Charges page, click + New Custom Charge.
  5. Click Add a fixed charge or credit.
  6. In the Start Date field, select January 2020 from the Date Picker, and leave the End Date field blank.
  7. In the Amount field, type 500
  8. Select the Monthly recurring radio button.
  9. Under Description, type Fixed Charge for Support

    Here is what the screen looks like after configuration:

  10. Click Save Custom Charge.

    CloudCheckr returns to the Custom Billing Charges page and displays the new custom billing charge:

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