Account Families

The Account Families feature allows you to group multiple accounts together that are part of a larger consolidated bill, enabling you to generate list cost as if the accounts in the account family are in their own consolidated bill and share cross-account RIs, tier pricing, and volume RI discounts. Using account families for linked accounts allows for more accurate invoices and cost generation for more complex situations. There is no limit to the number of account families you can create, but you must have at least one account before you can create an account family.

By default, the application prevents you from adding a single AWS account to multiple account families.  If you need this capability, please contact the Support team by submitting a ticket via the CloudCheckr Service Desk Portal.

To access this feature, go to the left navigation pane, and choose Cost > AWS Partner Tools > Configure > Account Families. The Account Families page shows you how many AWS accounts are within your consolidated bill, the number of account families you have created, and if there are any accounts mapped to an account family.

By default, the application creates an account family for each AWS account within your consolidated bill.  You can edit or delete these initial account families to customize an account family configuration that works for your account.In this topic, you will learn how to:

The Advanced features have been deprecated and are being replaced by Custom Billing Charges within the application's Partner Tools feature. You can access these features from the left navigation pane by choosing Cost > AWS Partner Tools.

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