Single Day Billing Summary Report

The Single Day Billing Summary report shows statistics on your bill taken directly from your AWS invoice for a specific date.  The Billing Summary can be based on CloudWatch data or on your Detailed Billing Report (using Unblended costs).

Using Detailed Billing Reports

AWS also provides Detailed Billing Reports which write into a file on S3 the complete details of your charges, credits, and net bill. Enable the Detailed Billing by following the directions here.

The latest billing information from AWS is often not pushed to the Detailed Billing Reports for several days, particularly at the beginning or end of the month. You will not see your AWS Billing information in the CloudCheckr Billing reports until it is updated in your Detailed Billing reports from AWS.

Detailed Billing Reports are only available for CloudCheckr Pro accounts and include details such as costs, credits, net bill, tags, and service type. 

Using CloudWatch Data

CloudWatch provides the capability to monitor your AWS Bill by querying the CloudWatch API. Using this CloudWatch data has some limitations. It does not provide any information on tags, credits, or break out the information other than by service. As well, updates from Amazon to CloudWatch are occasionally delayed for a day or two, resulting in lumpiness in the AWS Bill. If the AWS billing system delays your CloudWatch data for two days, the costs will all appear in the second day and the costs will be misleading.

Monitoring for your charges must be enabled within your AWS account for CloudCheckr to be able to report on your AWS bill. 

You can use the date selector at the top of the report to view your AWS bill from any date in the past, for as long as your project has existed within CloudCheckr. If you are using Consolidated Billing, within the Payer Account you will see a drop down listing all the other accounts for which this account is a payer.

The source of billing data dropdown allows you to view the report using CloudWatch data or Detailed Billing data.
The Bill Summary report will show you what you've spent for the date selected, total costs for the previous day, month-to-date costs through that day, and month-to-date costs for the same time period the previous month.You will also see a predicted bill based on the current month's costs, the total costs for the previous month, average daily cost for the current month, and the average daily cost for the previous month. The Daily AWS Bill for Previous 7 Days section displays the total daily and month-to-date costs for the previous week (from the date selected at the top of the report).


The bill broken out by Service section shows which AWS services are being billed by Amazon, and for how much.

You can see the bill for the date selected (today by default), previous day, month to date, and the daily average.

AWS Bills are monthly, starting on the 1st and resetting the last day of each month. The 1st of the month you will be billed by AWS for all your Heavy Utilization Reserved Instances and other upfront costs. This will cause a large spike in your AWS bill on the first of the month.
For more information on AWS Pricing, see the Amazon website here.

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