New Relic Plugin

CloudCheckr's New Relic plugin allows you to upload your AWS EC2 usage and Cost data into your New Relic dashboard.

To use this plugin, you must have:

  • a CloudCheckr account
  • a New Relic account
  • a New Relic license key


  1. Log in to CloudCheckr account.
  2. Open the CloudCheckr account that you want to connect to New Relic, or create a new acount.
  3. From the left navigation bar, choose Account Settings > Integerations > Export > New Relic.

    The Plugin for New Relic page opens.

  4. Click Enable CloudCheckr NewRelic Plugin and type your New Relic license key.
  5. Select the CloudCheckr Metrics to push to New Relic.

  6. Click Save Settings.

    If you have any questions about the New Relic plugin, please contact us at

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