Account Switcher in CloudCheckr CMx

The Account Switcher identifies the CloudCheckr account you are currently viewing and allows you to quickly switch to another account or a Multi-Account View (MAV) in your project.

You will find the Account Switcher in the Header bar on every page in the application, so you can change accounts or MAVs regardless of what report or feature you are using:


In this example, our current account is AWS Prod, but we want to switch to the Production Test account.

  1. In the Header bar, click .

    A modal window opens.

    You can also access the Account Hierarchy page from the modal window.
  2. In the Search bar, type Production Test and select it from the list.

    The modal window closes. CloudCheckr returns you to the page you were working in.

    CloudCheckr now indicates that you are viewing the Production Test account:

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