Configuring Best Practice Check Notifications

This feature allows to configure email notifications to send to selected users that they will receive each time new issues are discovered with a best practice check. You can also configure the application to send notifications daily regardless if new issues are discovered or not.


  1. Click the Notifications icon next to a selected best practice check.

    The Best Practice Check Notification dialog box opens.

  2. Select if you want CloudCheckr to send an email:
    • any time there is a change to a best practice check, or
    • daily regardless if there are changes or not
  3. Type email addresses for each recipient and separate the addresses with a comma.
  4. In the Syslog section, provide the host name and port of your syslog server.
  5. Under the ServiceNow section, select the account where you want to apply these notification settings.
  6. Click Save.

    A pop-up indicates that your email setting was saved successfully.

    If you have not configured your integration, click Configure Integrations.

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