Cost Savings

The Cost Savings report provides a summary of possible AWS savings. CloudCheckr uses information from our Best Practices Cost Checks to demonstrate the possible savings for your account. 

Category Summaries

This portion of the report displays a concise total of expected savings available to your account. Alongside this total is a breakdown based on sub-totals from six areas reviewed by CloudCheckr. 

Breakdown Summary by Category Type

The lower portion of the report provides more detail about the Resources subtotals. 

Idle Resources

Expanding any of the Idle resource items will provide additional details about name, usage, cost, and region. 

Unused, Mis-Provisioned, or Previous Generation Resources

Likewise, expanding the Unused, Mis-Provisioned, or Previous Generation resource items will provide expanded views of IDs, Costs, Usage, Configurations, etc. 

Reserved Purchase Recommendations

Finally, Reserved Purchase Recommendations details changes that can be made to Reserved Instances for additional savings.

Which Best Practice Checks Inform Each Category?

Each of the six main sections of Cost Savings is updated on a daily basis based on the aggregated results from your Cost Best Practice Checks. Each of the sections is populated with data from the following Best Practice Checks:

  • Idle Resources: Idle EC2 InstancesIdle ElastiCache NodesIdle Elastic Load BalancersIdle RDS DB InstancesIdle DynamoDB TablesIdle Redshift Nodes
  • Unused Resources: Unattached EBS VolumesUnused Elastic IP AddressesUnused Elastic Load BalancersUnused DynamoDB TablesUnused WorkSpace(s)
  • Mis-provisioned Resources:   RDS PIOPS Volumes Should Be Converted To General Purpose SSDEBS PIOPS Volumes Should Be Converted To General Purpose SSD
  • Previous Generation Resources: Previous Generation EC2 Instances Should Be MigratedPrevious Generation RDS DB Instances Should Be MigratedPrevious Generation ElastiCache Nodes Should Be Migrated
  • Reserved Purchase Recommendations: EC2 Reserved Instance Purchase RecommendationsRDS Reserved DB Instance Purchase RecommendationsElastiCache Reserved Node Purchase RecommendationsRedshift Reserved Nodes Purchase Recommendations
  • Other: Excessive Costs Incurred For A Glacier RestoreConvert to RDS SQL Server Web Edition

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