Azure Reservation One Time Charge Configuration

By default, license-based costs will appear as "Not Set" in CloudCheckr. Using the Azure one-time charge configuration page, it will allow you to associate these costs with a subscription.

You can access this page by using one of the paths below:

  • Core: Cost > Azure Partner Tools > Configuration > One Time Charge Configuration
  • CMx: Billing > Configuration > Azure One Time Charge Configuration

The report collects data from line items each month. Select the month and year you want to view license-based costs for.

Note: CloudCheckr will display one-time charges and recurring charges.

Once the report has been generated, you can assign individual line items to a subscription:

The save button becomes active once you have selected a subscription from the drop down menu.

Once saved, the cost will be associated with the subscription. Recurring charges will automatically be assigned to the subscription. A manual reload of previous billing months will need to be done in order for this change to be applied to historic months.

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