Overview of Single Sign-On in CloudCheckr CMx

CloudCheckr CMx supports native username/password-based authentication for all pricing plans and tiers. By upgrading to an enterprise plan, your organization gets Single-Sign On (SSO) integration, which enables users to log into one application and get access to multiple applications automatically.

SSO integration allows your organization to leverage various authentication options to meet your IT security requirements. Your organization can also combine authentication methods so that users can login via SSO and native username/password-based authentication.

With CloudCheckr CMx, you can configure SSO using one of two methods:

You can only use the SP-initiated method if you configured a custom URL.
When configuring SSO integration, keep in mind that our application only supports auto-provisioning at the Level 2 (L2) Child Partner level but we support manual provisioning at the Level 1 (L1) Parent level. For more information, see Partner Sys Admin Main Features.
CloudCheckr CMx supports using multiple SSO providers.

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