Integrate with Slack

The integration with Slack allows you to configure Slack notifications that you can receive daily or any time there is a change to a Best Practice Check or alert.

The following procedure will configure Cloudcheckr webhook messages to a Slack channel.


  1. From the navigation bar in the top right corner, choose Account Configuration > Integrations > Configurations.
  2. Within the Integration Configurations page, select Slack from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the name of the Slack account within the Name field and select the Create button.
  4. A message indicating that your integration was created successfully will display. Click OK to continue.
    The newly created integration will be listed below within the Integrations list.
    Select the icon to review the details of the associated integration account.
    Integrations are categorized by third-party vendor, with each account for that integration listed below.
  5. Right click within the Slack channel you wish to send a webhook to and select View channel details.
  6. Within the Integrations tab at the top of the window, select Add an App. You will be directed to an App Directory where you may search for your newly created webhook.
  7. Type 'incoming' within the Search field at the top of the page. Select View for the webhook listed as incoming-webhook within your In your workspace webhooks list.
  8. You will be directed to a page where you may configure your incoming webhook to Slack. Select Configuration to continue.
    Note: The Add option may be displayed instead of the Configuration option, depending on whether webhooks are currently installed. Select Add to continue.
  9. Select Add to Slack to proceed.
  10. Select the Slack channel where you wish to receive webhook messages from and click the Add Incoming WebHooks integration button.
  11. Copy the Webhook URL provided in the Integration Settings and navigate back to the Integration Configurations page within Cloudcheckr.
  12. Paste the URL into the Incoming Webhook field of your webhook's associated Account and click Save.
    You may send a test message to your Slack channel with the Send Test button. A Slack message indicating that your configuration was successful will appear.

To learn about other configuration options and to turn on alerts, review the topic, Integration Configuration: Understanding Other Options.

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