Azure Enrollment Agreement Credentialing Changes FAQs

Microsoft has retired the EA Portal effective February 15, 2024. See more at Microsoft's website.

Commercial Direct Enterprise Agreements were affected beginning October 10, 2022.

Commercial Indirect Enterprise Agreements were affected beginning February 20, 2023.

Government Enterprise Agreements were affected beginning April 24, 2023.

EA API keys will continue to function, however you will not be able to generate new keys.

If your API key has expired, it is recommended you update your credentials using OAuth to prevent a lapse in cost ingestion.

Once you have updated your credentials using OAuth, you will not be able to revert to using an Enrollment ID and API key.

This change only affects the Enterprise Agreement, where the cost is written for the subscriptions. Subscriptions credentialed in CloudCheckr will not be affected.

No. You will need to authenticate to CloudCheckr's service principal in order for CloudCheckr to continue collecting cost.

This will vary depending on your organization and what policies are in place.

We recommend that whenever there is a change to an account (ex: password change, change to multi-factor authentication), you should reconsent in CloudCheckr.

Although you may have the roles required for CloudCheckr to collect cost, your organization may require an administrator to approve the authorization of your request. You will need to reach out to your organizations administrator(s) for approval when initating or reinitating consent.

It is recommended that someone with the same permissions reconsent so there is no lapse in cost ingestion.

Additional information can be found on the Microsoft website.

You can also reach out to your Technical Account Manager or Support if you have any additional questions.

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