Customer Success Webinars

Here, you can find the links to past Customer Success webinars that introduce new or improved features within CloudCheckr. The webinars on this page are listed by date, so the most recent webinar is the first on the list.

Note: Because these are archived webinars, some features may have changed or been updated since the webinar's initial release. Please review the associated documentation and subscribe to our release notes for the latest info.

Account Credentialing

In this webinar, we cover how credentialing your AWS Payees and Azure Subscription can give you a deeper reporting tool beyond just cost and billing. How it can unlock Cost Savings, Best Practice Checks, Right Sizing, Resource Inventory and Utilization reports, Security, and Compliance. There are a few ways to go about credentialing, join us as we discuss standard configuration and API based configuration.

Cloud Security Best Practices

During this webinar, see how Best Practice Checks, continuous monitoring and dedciated security reports help organizations ensure compliance for highly regulated industries with tools necessary to meet FedRAMP, DFARS, HIPAA, PCI, and other security standards.

CloudCheckr Alerts

During this webinar, we discuss how CloudCheckr Alerts can help you manage projects, view resource utilization, environment fluctuations and insights to potential security vulnerabilities. Staying on top of your environment is key to creating a Cloud Center of Excellence.

Custom Billing Charges

During this webinar, Mark Krawczeniuk covers use-cases & functionality of Custom Billing Charges within CMx. This feature allows you to modify your AWS billing report charges and create unique discounts, credits, or premiums for your customers. We also introduce the new Help Bot within CMx.

Roles, Permission Sets & general concepts surrounding the CMx RBAC system

During the webinar, we showcase use-cases & functionality behind the CMx RBAC system. We discuss how customers are using RBAC to manage user access & maintain least privilege security practices along their CloudCheckr journey.

Savings Plan Analytics, Saving Plan Recommendations, and Global Dashboard Updates

During this webinar, we discuss the new Savings Plan Analytics page, Savings Plan Recommendations, and updates to the CMx global dashboards.

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