Configure SP-Initiated Single Sign-On in CloudCheckr

With Service Provider (SP)-initiated Single Sign-On (SSO), you log into your identify provider (IdP) from the CloudCheckr user interface.

This procedure will show you to configure your SP-Initiated SSO in CloudCheckr.


To use SP-Initiated SSO, you must:

  • be an enterprise customer
  • purchase the Standard (includes a basic sub-domain) or Premium (includes a fully-customized domain) white label package
  • have a custom URL

Here is a quick summary of the levels of customization we offer in CloudCheckr where:

= fully customizable

= partially customizable

NA = not available






Header Logo

Browser Tab Favicon

Color and Theme

Landing Page Text


Customer Signup/Login Pages


Email Domains




CloudCheckr subdomain

In-app customization is included with your purchase of CloudCheckr at no additional cost. For the Standard or Premium white label packages, you must request pricing from your CloudCheckr sales representative.


  1. Follow the procedure for IdP-initiated SSO, but replace all instances of "app.cloudcheckr" with your custom URL.

    The screenshot shows an example from the setup for PingOne:

  2. Navigate to the white label (WL) login screen.

    You can get to this page through a link or logging out of the white labeled customer.

  3. Click the SSO Login button for the IDP you want to use.

    If this customer has multiple IdPs, there will be a button for each IDP.

    The IdP prompts you to login with your IdP credentials.

  4. Once you are logged into your IdP successfully, the normal SSO process proceeds.

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