Customize Your CloudCheckr Environment

After CloudCheckr is set up to exchange cost and usage data with Azure, you still need to perform some additional actions to complete your CloudCheckr configuration.

This page identifies the tasks that will enhance your user experience and create a CloudCheckr environment unique to your deployment.

CloudCheckr customers have full control over provisioning and managing user access within their account(s).

You can configure users with specific permissions, rights, and visibility based on the needs and role of the user.

For more information, review the User Management topics.

Our application enables you to create subscription families to bundle multiple Azure subscriptions together that are part of a larger consolidated bill.

Subscription families provide several key benefits including the ability to generate:

  • list cost as if the family itself was a consolidated bill
  • tier pricing
  • volume RI pricing within the subscription family

For more information, review the Subscription Family topics.

You can create Multi-Account Views (MAVs), which allow you to look at all the resources in multiple accounts through a single pane.

You can also create dashboards, which provide quick, distilled views of data related to your cloud cost, inventory, utilization, and saved filters.

For more information, review the Create Multi-Account Views and the Dashboards topics.

You can configure what types of email notifications you want to send, who will receive them, and how often those notifications are sent.

For more information, review the Configure Notifications in CloudCheckr topic.

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