Copy Tags to Volumes: Show History

The Show History tab identifies the status of any tag key that was processed and what value was copied to which volumes.

From the Automation Status drop-down menu, you can filter your list to limit the results to those jobs that have one of the following statuses:
  • Enqueued: jobs that are currently running. Details will not appear until the job is finished processing.
  • Processed: jobs that CloudCheckr has processed.
  • Error: jobs that did not finish due to an error in processing.
  • None: show jobs for all status types
Each row identifies the following details of each job:
  • automation status: status of the automation job
  • description: type of job that was processed. In this example, the tag key pair was added to the Ignore List.
  • time requested: when you made the request.
  • time resolved: when the job was completed.
  • requested by: the user name associated with the job request (if applicable)
  • tag key: the tag key that CloudCheckr processed for the given job

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