Azure Cost Alerts

The Azure Cost Alerts feature allows you to configure what Azure costs changes will trigger an email notification—allowing you to monitor your Azure costs at regular intervals and make immediate changes to keep your spend under control.

CloudCheckr provides three types of Azure cost alerts:

  • Microsoft Azure Costs notify you when costs go above a budget threshold within a specified timeframe
  • Microsoft Azure Costs (percent) identify cost fluctuations between two time periods
  • Enterprise Agreement Overage notify you before your Enterprise Agreement (EA) balance runs out
    Enterprise Agreement Overage alerts are only available for EA accounts.
    Because Azure Cost alerts require you to have access to Azure billing, you must log in to a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) or Enterprise Agreement (EA) account in CloudCheckr to use this feature.

View Cost Alerts

  1. Launch CloudCheckr and select a CSP or EA account from the Accounts List page.
  2. Navigate to Cost > Alerts > Results to display the Alert Results page, where you'll find searchable results that CloudCheckr stores for the life of your account:
    As an alternative, select one of your notification methods, such as Slack or Jira, and view the alert results there.

Modify Cost Alerts

Select any of the following methods to modify your cost alert:
  • Click an alert link on the Alert Manager page, change any values, and click Update.
  • On the Alert Manager page, move the toggle button On or Off to enable or disable your alert.
  • Click to delete the alert.

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