Settings Menu in CloudCheckr CMx

The Settings menu contains CloudCheckr's administrative and configuration features, many of which were previously available in the Account Settings and Admin menus.

To access the features in the Settings menu, go to the header bar and click the Settings icon:

A fly-out menu displays:

Review this table to learn more about the Settings menu features.

Feature Description


Click to access the Change Password page, the Success Center, and CloudCheckr's privacy policy.

Access Management

Click to see the Access Management menu where you can configure users, roles, clients, and permission sets.

Configuration Management

Click to configure your email settings, edit Best Practice Checks, and learn more about Spot Instance usage.

Account Configuration

Click to access options that will allow you to modify provider credentials, billing and usage, account names, email notifications, service limits, EC2 tags, and CloudCheckr integrations with third-party providers.

System Management

Click to learn how to customize your CloudCheckr appearance, view Reseller settings, and select a customer.


Click to log out of the application and return to the Login page.

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