Account Hierarchy Page in CloudCheckr CMx

The Account Hierarchy page allows you to organize your accounts by account groups—CloudCheckr's new folder structure that simplifies account management:

To access the Account Hierarchy page, type Account Hierarchy in the Search bar at the top of the screen.

Review this table to learn more about the features on the Account Hierarchy page.

Callout Feature Description


Customers tab

Click to see the list of customers.

Only PartnerSysAdmins will see the Customers tab.


Accounts tab

Click to see the list of accounts and account groups in your project.

CloudCheckr displays the list of accounts by default.


MAVs tab

Click to see the list of Multi-Account Views (MAVs) for your project.


Attibutes tab

Click to see the attributes of a selected account in your project.

Attributes are key/value pairs that help you organize and categorize your accounts similar to how account-level tags work in the current CloudCheckr platform.


Search Customers drop-down list

Click the grey drop-down arrow to refine your search to the accounts and account groups of a selected customer.


Search bar

Type to search for a selected account or account group.

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