Manage AWS Credits in CloudCheckr

As part of our most recent software release, CloudCheckr has improved the way we apply assigned credits. For more details, please review the AWS: Assign Credits FAQ.


Like most cloud platforms, AWS offers credits as a way for customers to save on their service bills. Credits range from $25 for participation in an AWS survey to $5,000 for Proof of Concept funding.

Unfortunately, the way in which AWS distributes those credits to is not always mutually beneficial to all payees.

When a payee receives an AWS credit, AWS applies that credit across the entire consolidated billing family. AWS allocates a percentage of the credit to each payee—not just to the payee who earned it.

For example, a payee receives a $50 credit for completing a survey and enters a code into AWS with the expectation that AWS will apply the credit to their account. In reality, AWS distributes that credit across all payee accounts in the consolidated billing family. As a result, those payees who did not earn the credit may receive part of the credit unintentionally while the original payee does not receive their fair share.

Fortunately, CloudCheckr can help you correct these inaccurate credit allocations with the Assign Credits report. This report allows you to:

In addition to the Assign Credits report, CloudCheckr provides other ways to modify and view your AWS credits:

Hide Credits From Payees

If you a reseller, we recommend that you configure your account to hide credits from payees.

  1. From the left navigation pane, choose Account Settings > Billing and Usage.
  2. Scroll down to the Partner-Level Settings section.
  3. Under Hide Credits from Payees, select Enabled.

  4. Click Save Configuration.

    By enabling this option, payees will not see any credits unless you manually assign them credits.

View a Summary of AWS Credits

If a payee wants to see a credit, they would go to Cost > AWS Billing> Other Features> AWS Credit Summary.

The AWS Credits Summary page displays the credits that the reseller has assigned to them and only those credits.

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