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Welcome to the CloudCheckr Development Community – Labs!

Hi! Welcome to the CloudCheckr Development community! Labs is a repository of scripts and tools that can help you quickly integrate CloudCheckr using the native API.

If you're new to CloudCheckr and just getting started, please check out our  Getting Started Guide!

Click here to get started: GitHub Community Repository

Why are we doing this?

Over the last few years, we have noticed an increasing number of customers integrating CloudCheckr via our API directly into their internal tools.

We have also seen the need to help customers rapidly deploy new accounts, configurations, and users into CloudCheckr via the API.

To help expedite this initiative, we created this GitHub repository and compiled a curated number of scripts, tools, and other items to help jump start a developer's work.

How do I get involved?

Labs is a public GitHub repository that you can fork and contribute to at your leisure. Please feel free to pull down the code directly into your GIT client of choice.

Content is separated by category as it relates to CloudCheckr and implies how scripts could be used per product module.

To see what's available, head on over to our GitHub Community Repository and get started!

Example use cases:

  1. A number of Cloud Resellers and MSPs use their internal tools to help create a Quarterly Business Review document or dashboard. Using the CloudCheckr API, you can pull out a end-customer's cloud spend data across 1-N accounts as well as their forecast and any custom reporting you have made for them via Advanced Grouping.
  2. An MSP is onboarding new customers and has created a set number of Budget and Security alerts based on their service offering. You can easily script the alerts via the CloudCheckr API to onboard and configure your customers easily.
  3. If your security team likes to keep an audit history of system changes, alerts, or compliance initiatives within a internal system, you can use the CloudCheckr API to pull down Best Practice Checks, Change Monitoring, and Total Compliance data points to ingest into an external repository.

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