RDS Reserved Instance Reports

This report provides a summary of the RDS Reserved DB Instances you have purchased within your AWS account.


The summary report provides statistics around the reservations you've purchased and whether they are being fully utilized.

  • Total Instance Count for Active Reserved DB Instances - the total number of reservations purchased.
  • Total Active Reserved DB Instances - the number of reserved DB instances that have been purchased and are available for use.
  • Total Retired Reserved DB Instances - the number of reserved DB instances that have expired and cannot be used.
  • Total DB Instances Running as Reserved - the total number of running DB instances that are using reserved pricing.
  • Total number of DB instances that are being billed as a Reserved DB Instances.
  • Total DB Instance Count for Unused Reserved Instances - the number of reserved DB instances that have been purchased but are not being used by any running RDS DB instances.
  • Total On-Demand DB Instances Not Using Reserved DB Instance - the number of DB instances that are launched as On-Demand and are not using reserved pricing.

Reserved DB Instances By Region

This section provides a pie chart showing which AWS regions you have active reservations within.

Reserved DB Instances By Size

The pie chart in this section shows you which database sizes (r3.2xlarge, m3.medium, etc.) reservations you have purchased.

Reserved DB Instances By Utilization

This pie chart shows you a breakdown of reservations by utilization type (light, medium, or heavy).

List of Reserved DB Instances

The list of reserved DB Instances gives you a more detailed look at your RDS Reserved instances. We offer numerous filters for you to be able to see the data that you need.Currently the filters  and columns we offer include:

  • Reservation ID
  • Offering Type
  • Region
  • DB Instance Class
  • Product Description
  • Multi AZ
  • Duration
  • Time Left
  • Upfront Fee
  • Hourly Price
  • Instance Count
  • Instances Used

You can also choose to limit the number of results to show as well as different Sort By options.  As with almost all of our reports you can export the results by both CSV ad PDF.

RDS RI Purchase Recommendations

This report shows the possible cost savings of optimal Reserved DB Instance usage. It provides a complete list of recommended Reserved DB Instances to purchase and demonstrates the cost and savings of each. Amazon RDS DB Instances can be used at a significant discount by purchasing Reserved DB Instances. A Reserved DB Instance requires an upfront fee in exchange for a lower hourly fee. Reserved DB Instances provide significant savings if you can forecast your usage.Each recommendation contains important information about the instance and the recommended reservation. In this report we will give you the comparison between on demand and reserved instance cost as well as the number of hours running.

Comparison Summary

The comparison summary illustrates the amount you could saved if you switched to reserved instance pricing. It calculates the amount you use currently and then shows you what that number would be like based on your predicted usage, if you were to switch to reserved instance pricing. It breaks out costs over one and three years and focuses on the different utilization choices.

Comparison Detail

The comparison lists all of your current DB instances and then, following the format of the previous report, breaks out your predicted usage costs into the different cost categories to illustrate the amount that you would save if you were to switch that specific instance to Reserved pricing. 

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