Enable Tags for Cost Reports

Prerequisite: If you plan to use a cross-account role, we recommend that you create your role manually or using CloudFormation before you enable your Detailed Billing Report (DBR) or your Cost and Usage Report (CUR).

A cost allocation tag is a label that you or AWS assigns to track your AWS costs at a detailed level.

Before you can import the Detailed Billing Report (DBR) or the Cost and Usage Report (CUR) into CloudCheckr, you must activate at least one user-defined cost allocation tag in AWS to signal that you want the cost data associated with these tags to be available during the billing process.

This topic will show you how to enable cost allocation tags in AWS.


  1. Log into the AWS Billing Console.

    The Billing & Cost Management Dashboard opens.
  2. From the dashboard, click Cost allocation tags.

    The Cost Allocation Tags page opens.
  3. Under the User-Defined Cost Allocation Tags section, select the checkbox(es) next to the tags you want to enable and click Activate.

    It can take a few days for AWS to add the tag costs to your billing reports. Once they are available in AWS, CloudCheckr will use the data to build your cost reports.
    After you enable the tag, you must wait for AWS to generate the next CUR (approximately six hours) before you can begin the CUR configuration in CloudCheckr. Otherwise, you will get an error.
  4. Now that you have configured the cost allocation tags AWS, you'll need to configure your DBR or configure your CUR.

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