CloudCheckr Metrics in AppDynamics

CloudCheckr's extension for AppDynamics allows you to upload your AWS EC2 usage and cost data into your AppDynamics Dashboard. The following steps outline how to utilize your CloudCheckr metrics in AppDynamics.

Viewing Your Metrics for AppDynamics

  1. Navigate to your AppDynamics Controller Page in your web browser.
  2. Sign in using your AppDynamics Account.
  3. Navigate to the application you wish to view metrics for.  

Viewing Metrics in the Metrics Browser

  1. Navigate to the Analyze tab and click Metric Browser.
  2. Navigate to Application Infrastructure Performance > Custom Metrics.
  3. Expand the metric and drag the name of the metric onto the graph to view the details.

Create a Custom Dashboard for Metrics

AppDynamics allows you to create custom dashboards for metrics that you view on a regular basis.

  1. From your AppDynamics Home page, select Create Custom Dashboard.
  2. Select Create Dashboard.
  3. Name and configure the initial settings of the custom dashboard.
  4. Click the Add Icon drop-down menu and select how you want to format your metric.
  5. Select the widget in the dashboard, and in the Properties window, click the Add Icon to add a data series to the widget.
  6. Select Custom for the metric category.
  7. For CloudCheckr metrics, select Application Infrastructure Performance > Machine Agent > Custom Metrics.
  8. Select the Custom Metrics you would like to have on your dashboard.
  9. Click Save.

    The custom widget now displays on your dashboard. You can create as many custom widgets as you need. To edit a widget, select the widget on your dashboard.

    For additional questions, submit a support ticket via the CloudCheckr Service Desk Portal.

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