CloudCheckr Education and Certification

CloudCheckr101 is an introductory course to CloudCheckr. In this course, you will learn about CloudCheckr from a high level and how we can help you manage your cloud service providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. We’ll then dive into the essentials that you need to get the most out of your cloud and how to manage your cloud costs.

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Section 1: CloudCheckr Essentials
  • Regions and Navigation
  • Creating a New Account
  • Credential Account
    • Configure Your AWS Account
    • AWS: Cross Account Role
    • AWS: Least Privilege Policies
    • AWS: IAM Access Keys
    • AWS: Map To Payer
    • Microsoft Azure: Control Panel Vendor (CPV)
    • Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Agreement (EA)
    • Microsoft Azure: Subscriptions
  • CloudCheckr
    • Notification Menu
    • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Customization
    • Release Cycle
    • Email Notifications
    • Third-Party Integrations
    • Support
Section 2: CloudCheckr Cost Management
  • Cost Savings Report
    • Idle Instances
    • Unused Instances
    • RI Recommendations
  • Cost Alerts
    • Setup and Manage
  • Tags
    • Tagging Rules
    • Improperly Tagged Resources
    • Tag Mapping
    • Tag Splitting
  • AWS Billing Reports
    • Consolidated Billing
    • Single Day Billing Summary
    • Single Month Billing Summary Report
    • Historical Summary
    • Common Searches
    • Advanced Grouping Report
    • Cost Views
    • Cost Changes
    • Spend Analysis
    • Reserved Usage
  • Savings Showback Report
Section 3: CloudCheckr Security
  • CloudTrail Alerts
  • Resource Alerts
  • IAM Admin Users Report
  • Perimeter Assessment Report
  • Security Permissions Report
  • S3 Encryption Report
  • Custom Best Practices
  • Security Groups Common Searches
  • Security Groups Visualization
  • Security Groups Inventory Reports
  • VPC Common Searches Report
  • VPC Inventory Reports
  • VPC Traffic Analysis Report
Section 4: CloudCheckr Inventory & Resources
  • Utilization Alerts
  • Rightsizing Report
  • CloudWatch Historical Export Report
  • Manage Custom Metrics
  • Tagged Resources
  • Untagged Resources
Section 5: CloudCheckr Compliance
  • Best Practice Checks
  • CIS Benchmark Report
  • Total Compliance

Still to Come

Here are some courses that CloudCheckr is working to bring you in the future:

  • CloudCheckr Cost Management: Partner Tools
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Automation

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