CloudCheckr Training + Certification

Our new Training Portal will be launching soon! Please stop by again to utilize these resources.

Welcome to CloudCheckr Training!

CloudCheckr Training is a constantly-updated library of videos and other articles to help you get acquainted and trained to CloudCheckr quickly. From this new portal you'll be able to view videos and at a later time, get certified as a CloudCheckr integrator and professional!

Getting Started!

In order to access this new resource library simply head over to​ and take advantage of all the video tutorials we have available!

Why are we doing this?

As Cloud Evangelists we recognize that learning how to optimize and deploy on a cloud provider can be difficult! In order to help streamline this process and ensure that our customers have the best resources available to them we're happy to launch our new Training portal.

Example use cases

  1. You have new staff or have customers using CloudCheckr and you would like to onboard them quickly. Now, you can provide your user with a treasure trove of videos for their own self service learning.
  2. You would like to get CloudCheckr certified (coming soon!) and need study material to review potential questions that would be the exam.

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