Create and Configure Your Google Cloud Platform Account

Step 1:

Prior to creating the service account you will want to create your account in CloudCheckr.  At first, this will be a credential-less account that will eventually house the assigned Google Service Account key. You can find steps for creating the account here, but note that you will have to select Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the cloud provider. There are many customizations you can do, but at a minimum, you will need to perform step 1 on the linked page—Creating An Account in CloudCheckr. When you have completed creating an account within CloudCheckr, return to this page.

Step 2:

Login to your GCP console and access service accounts section by selecting IAM & Admin from the services list. Then click Service accounts.

Step 3:

Click the Create Service Account button.

Step 4:

Type a name for your service account and select a role. CloudCheckr requires read-only access for your environment. We recommend Project Viewer.

Next, select Furnish a new private key. We recommend the JSON key type.

Step 4:

Copy the JSON private account key into CloudCheckr and click Update.

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