Service Charge Breakdown

The Service Charge Breakdown report is a quick and clear way to show what your On Demand cost for a service is, then show any savings you have recouped. You'll be able to see savings via Reserved Instances (RIs)—including and excluding amortization—as well as any custom charges and discounts such as negotiated discounts. As a result, you'll be able to show your stakeholders the value that you provide by buying RIs and negotiating on their behalf.

Using the Report

Navigate to Cost > Partner Tools > Reports > Service Charge Breakdown. Choose any account or account families along with a date range. You'll get a list of each service's charges, broken down to show you On Demand pricing and the discounted pricing.

In this example, you can quickly spot big savings in key services such as RDS ($8,885 of RI savings) and EC2 ($9,162 of RI savings). You can also export this before-and-after data for your reporting.

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