Azure: Azure Plan (CSP)

Microsoft has introduced Azure Plan, a new commerce experience for its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customers that allows for easier and more consistent management of Azure CSPs as compared to the legacy CSP program.

In support of our CSP customers who have made the switch, CloudCheckr is now offering Azure Plan as an account type.

To make the transition from classic CSP to Azure Plan as seamless as possible, we have provided these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer the most probable questions you may have about this change.

Question: What actions must I take to see Azure Plan data in my account?

Since the Azure Plan is a new program with unique characteristics, we are treating it as a separate account type, so you must create a new account in CloudCheckr. When you configure your account, you will perform same steps as you did with Classic CSP except that you will choose Azure Plan as your account type.

Question: Will I be able to view my Azure Plan and Classic CSP costs in the same reports?

Since Azure Plan is a separate account in CloudCheckr, you can only view the costs for your Azure Plan account if you are in that Azure Plan account. Similarly, you can only view the costs for your Classic CSP account if you are in that Classic CSP account. You can easily switch between the two accounts in to view their respective costs. However, by leveraging Multi-Account Views (MAVs), you can create a view that combines both Classic CSP and Azure Plan, where you will be able to see all the costs grouped together.

Question: Is the same functionality supported in Classic CSP also supported in Azure Plan?

The initial release of Azure Plan supports the reports and features required to generate cost reports and invoice customers. CloudCheckr will make the following reports and features available in the future:

  • Cost & Billing Dashboard
  • Budget Alerts
  • Consolidated Billing Summary
  • Cost Changes
  • Spend Analysis
  • VM Purchase Recommendations
  • Profit Analysis
  • Custom Credit Memos
  • Custom Usage Rates

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