Modify Payee Support Charges

  1. Go to the left navigation pane, and choose Cost > AWS Partner Tools > Configure > Account Families.

    The Account Families page opens.

  2. Click Payee Support Charges.

    Additional options are now displayed.

    As an AWS partner, you are charged for the entire bill for the AWS support in the payer account—making it difficult to charge each customer the appropriate support costs associated with their usage. Enabling the Payee Support Charges feature automates this process and allows the application to calculate the proper support costs for each family, based on collaborative usage.

    The application looks at the total AWS usage costs across the account family and uses that number to determine the appropriate payee support costs. By default, the application will only write this cost to one AWS account within the account family; it will not break apart the total cost and apply it evenly across all accounts within the account family. However, you can manually separate the charges by applying one of the options in this section.

    Payee Support Charges provides five separate options:



    Suppress AWS Support

    Allows the application to suppress any support charge written by Amazon to any of the payee accounts.

    Apply By Account

    Applies support charges by AWS account.

    Displayed by Account (within account families)

    Determines how the application applies the business support costs for the account family.

    Recalculate Support

    Controls whether the application will calculate and write the payee support costs to the account family.

    Ignore $100 minimum

    The AWS Business Support plan enforces a $100 minimum charge. 

    Some important items to note about how the application handles payee support charges:

    • When the application calculates the support charge, it uses the AWS Business support tier.  Go to the AWS Premium Support topic for details.
    • AWS Marketplace charges and support charges are excluded from the Payee Support Charge calculation.
    • You can only see the support charges generated by the application when viewing list cost in the various cost reports/invoices.
    • You will only see the support charge appear once Amazon finalizes the monthly invoice.

    If for any reason you need to generate payee support charges that do not adhere to the AWS Business pricing tiers, you can use custom billing charges to replicate this same functionality. Custom billing charges allows you to create a completely custom monthly charge, using your preferred tiered structure.
  3. Select the options that best apply to your account environment.
  4. When you are done making changes, click Update.

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