CMx High Security

CloudCheckr has launched CMx High Security—designed for any organization that must adhere to federal IT security standards.

CMx High Security is inspired by:

  • the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)—a US law signed into legislation in 2002 that outlines a framework to protect government information, operations, and assets from natural or man-made threats
  • the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)—a US government program that provides standards on security assessment, authorization, and monitoring of cloud-based resources
CMx High Security is available to US customers only. CloudCheckr plans to release this product to a wider customer base in the future.


The table identifies some of the key features in this product:




  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) threat detection analysis
  • Scanned monthly for vulnerabilities

Uptime and Availability

  • Active-Active data center deployment
  • 15-minute Recovery Time Objective (RTO): maximum time to restore functionality in the event of sudden loss of service
  • 99.5% Uptime Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Managed by Approved Staff

  • Background checks for all CloudCheckr staff

Frequent Software Updates

  • Same software version as commercial SaaS
  • Enabled by CloudCheckr's modern deployment and audit pipeline

Corporate Compliance Friendly

  • Easier customer stakeholder approval via Compliance as a Code

Fast Purchase Approval

  • Provides InfoSec teams with highly detailed and stringent compliance data to expedite the procurement process

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