Cost Reports

CloudCheckr offers a variety of cost-based reports. CloudCheckr's cost reports will show you how much you are paying for your Azure architecture but they also highlight areas where costs could be better optimized. Billing reports will show your current Azure invoice, how much you have spent on each service, and provide a billing history.

Billing Consolidated Summary Reports

Consolidated Billing Summary Report shows you daily and month-to-date cost for each of the subscriptions within your Azure Enterprise Agreement or Cloud Solution Provider. The totals for this report are taken directly from your Azure usage reports.

Single Day & Monthly Summary Reports

The Single Day and Month Billing Summary Reports show you statistics for a specific date or month on your bill taken directly from your Azure invoice.

Azure Partner Tools

Azure Partner Tools are available in the Enterprise Agreement or Cloud Solution Provider accounts. They help manage complex billing ecosystems. You can create and schedule invoices, determine how reservations are handled, create custom charges and usage rates, and reload usage reports.

List Cost Analysis

Determining List Cost requires a series of complex calculations that can be very difficult to resolve. This report is designed to show you each cost that was changed by CloudCheckr to come up with the List Cost. This report can be used to validate the changes made to determine List Cost.

Custom Charges

Custom Charges allows you to add custom charges into CloudCheckr to ensure your invoices and chargebacks and accurate.

Custom Usage Rates

CloudCheckr allows you to override the usage rates set by Azure. When you set a new rate up with the given filters, CloudCheckr uses those values to calculate a new List Cost of the charge. These changes will not affect the standard cost shown in CloudCheckr, but will only affect the List Cost.

Generate Invoices

The Azure Invoice Generator is designed to allow you to create, and print invoices to your customers and clients based on their Azure usage. This report gives you the flexibility to show different pricing models and makes it easy for resellers and managed service providers to streamline their billing process.

Reload Usage Reports

You will need to reload a billing period's data whenever you make changes to the billing data (such as adding a custom charge). The fastest way to kick off a reload is to click 'Reload' for the month in question, then click 'Run Billing Update Now'. Once the reload is complete, the Process State will say 'Processed' and the Last Processed date will be recent.

Subscription Families

CloudCheckr enables you to group one or more subscriptions into a Subscription Family. This grouping allows you to invoice and report on multiple subscriptions for a single customer. As well, this grouping can be used to limit access and limit visibility for an end user to only their own subscriptions.

You can also use Subscription Families to apply custom charges, discounts, and usage rates to specific customers.

Within the account you setup in CloudCheckr for the Azure Enterprise Agreement or the CSP, you can configure these Subscription Families. Name your Subscription Family and then select the subscriptions that should be treated as a single set of subscriptions.

Customers created in Subscription Families will carry through to the Invoice Generator.

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