CloudCheckr FinanceManager Extract Statement: loglevel

While executing a USE script, various messages are written to a logfile. The loglevel option determines the amount of detail recorded in that logfile.




The table below shows the valid values for the loglevel argument. Either the numeric level or the label can be specified. If the label is used then it must be specified in CAPITAL LETTERS.

The log levels are cumulative, in that higher log-level values include lower level messages. For example a level of INFO will cause FATAL, ERROR, WARN and INFO level messages to be written to the log.

Level Label Meaning
0 DEBUGX Extended debugging information
1 DEBUG Debugging information
2 INFO Standard informational messages
3 WARN Warnings and non-fatal errors
4 ERROR Run-time errors
5 FATAL Non-recoverable errors

The loglevel statement takes immediate effect and may be used multiple times within a USE script in order to increase or decrease the logging level at any time.

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