Services Page in CloudCheckr FinanceManager

The Services page allows you to view and change the available services in the service catalog of the CloudCheckr FinanceManager deployment. When creating new services, you are required to use a Transformer service or a services statement.

To view the details of a service you created, click one of the services listed on the Overview page:

The table defines the numbered UI elements from the screenshot:




The friendly name for the service

The unique key value of this service
Created At

The time stamp when the service was created
Last Updated At

The time stamp when the service was updated
Data Source

The dataset associated with this service
Service Name Source

Where you will get the service name from (in header or in data)

You will use this value for the service description

Source Column

Contains the consumed quantity
Instancy Column

Refers to the chargeable instance column value that is required for automatic services

The frequency at which this service is being charged: automatic (every occurrence/record/hour), daily, or monthly
Use proration

Select this option if you want to charge for a portion of a consumption interval
Billing Type

Provides information on whether this is a service that has a manual adjustable rate value or automatic configured rates
COGS type

Cost of Goods (COGS) of a service has its own rate configuration that you can configure as manual or automatic per unit or manual or automatic per interval

Changing or Deleting a Service

  1. Select the appropriate report from the Report Selector.

  2. Choose Services > Overview and click the Edit button at the top of service list.

    The system will warn you that any changes made to existing service may require you to re-Prepare the currently selected report, under Data pipelines > Reports.
  3. After you have confirmed the warning message, select one, multiple, or all of the services in the selected Report.
  4. Click the Delete button next to the Edit button, to delete all selected services.
  5. To change the configuration of an existing service, you can change any of the available parameters.
  6. Click the Update button.
  7. Make sure that you re-Prepare your Report after you make changes.

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