Adjustment Policies in CloudCheckr FinanceManager

CloudCheckr FinanceManager enables you to create account-specific rate adjustment policies. An adjustment policy allows you to apply a discount or a premium using one of these modifiers:

  • a certain amount of money (EX: $100)
  • a certain quantity (EX: 100 GB/hours)
  • a percentage (EX: 10%)
You can apply this adjustment to a single service, multiple different services, or one or more service categories.

Create an Adjustment Policy

To create a new adjustment policy for an account, follow these steps:

  1. From the menu, choose Services > Adjustments.
  2. Select the account for which you want to create an adjustment policy.
  3. After selecting the account, click Add Policy, and in the Adjustment Name field, type a name for your policy.
  4. Select a Start date to identify the first month when you applied the policy.

  5. Select a End date to identify the month when this adjustment policy will be discontinued. This is optional since you can apply an adjustment policy permanently.
  6. Select the Service or Service Category associated with the policy. You can select multiple options.
  7. Select the Type for this adjustment. You can choose discount or premium.
  8. Select the Target to indicate if this adjustment is targeting the total charges or the total quantity of the selected services.
  9. Select the Difference setting to indicate an Absolute value (EX: 100 units or 100 dollars) or a Relative value (EX: 10%).
  10. Type an adjustment value. For example, the screenshot identifies a value of 10, which will adjust the total charge with -10% given the provided parameters.
  11. Click the Add Policy button to apply your changes to all charge-related reports.

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