Assign Credits

Customers will often see credits in their monthly AWS consolidated bill. The amount and justification for each credit ranges from $25 for participating in an AWS survey to $5,000 or more for Proof of Concept funding. AWS applies credits by distributing them across each account within the consolidated bill.  As a result, if a payer creates a rule, Assign to Owner, the credits gets distributed proportionally to every account identified on the consolidated bill rather than to the one customer who was granted the credit. To ensure that AWS distributes any credit to the appropriate customer or customers, check for new credits each week and assign them to a single customer or to the payer as needed.


  1. From the left navigation pane, choose CostAWS Partner Tools > ConfigureAssign Credits.

    The Assign Credits page opens.
  2. From the Month drop-down menu, select the month for which you are currently billing, and click Load.

    The list of credits for the selected month displays.

  3. Create a ticket with AWS Support to enable AWS to provide you with the accurate list of customers who received credits.
  4. From the Actions column, click   (Edit).

    The Assign Credits dialog box opens.

  5. From the Assign To drop-down menu, select the customer/account who should receive the credit and click Save Credits.

    The dashboard displays the account where the credit was applied.

    Creating rules for credits is not a best practice for MSPs or anyone with multiple cost centers who must be treated as standalone accounts for financial purposes.

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