Language for Extract Statements in CloudCheckr FinanceManager

This article links to detailed descriptions of all the statements supported by USE script.

These descriptions assume knowledge of the Use script basics.

Statement Reference

Statement Description
aws_sign_string Create an AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 signature value
basename Extract the filename from path + filename string
buffer Create a named buffer
clear Delete any defined HTTP headers
csv Create a CSV file
discard Delete a named buffer
encode Base16 or base64 encode data
encrypt Encrypt a variable
escape Escape quotes in a variable value or named buffer
exit_loop Break out of a loop
foreach Iterate over an array
get_last_day_of Set a variable to contain the number of the last day of a specified month
gosub Call a subroutine
gunzip Inflate GZIP data
hash Generate an SHA256 or HMACSHA256 hash
http Execute an HTTP request
if Conditionally execute statements
json Format JSON data
loglevel Change the logging level
loop Execute statements repeatedly
match Search using a regular expression
pause Suspend script execution
print Echo text to standard output
return Explicitly return from a subroutine
save Save a named buffer to disk
set Specify a protocol parameter
subroutine Define a subroutine
terminate End script execution
unzip Decompress ZIP data in a named buffer
uri URI (percent) encode a variable
var Create or update a variable

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