CloudCheckr: General

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answer the most common questions we get asked about the relationship between CloudCheckr and our cloud providers. These FAQs are general questions and aren't specific to any cloud provider.

For questions specific to a cloud provider, see the AWS: General FAQ or the Azure: General FAQ.

Question: What is the purpose of the Recently Viewed feature?

When you log in to CloudCheckr, you will see a Recently Viewed option in the Left Navigation pane:

When a user clicks the Recently Viewed icon, they will see a list of the reports that they accessed most recently. The list of Recently Viewed persists for the selected user in a selected account.

For example:

  • If User 1 logs in to CloudCheckr, opens several reports, logs out, and then logs back in, the Recently Viewed list will remain the same.
  • If User 2 logs in to the same project in CloudCheckr, they won't see the same or any reports in the Recently Viewed that User 1 does.
  • If User 3 logs in to a different project in CloudCheckr, they also won't see the same reports that User 1 or User 2 does.

    CloudCheckr caps the Recently Viewed List to 10 reports.

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