Language for Transform Statements in CloudCheckr FinanceManager

Within the individual reference articles for each statement, the syntax is described using the following conventions:

  • bold for keywords
  • italics for arguments
  • Square brackets for optional keywords and arguments [like_this_]
  • Vertical pipe for alternative keyword options just|exactly as shown
  • Ellipses for a variable length list of arguments: Column1 ... ColumnN


The following statements (in alphabetical order) are supported by Transcript:

Statement Description
aggregate Reduce the number of rows in a DSET while preserving information
append Append one DSET to the end of another
calculate Perform arithmetic on column values
capitalize Capitalize column name and/or values
convert Convert between decimal and hex values
copy Copy rows from one DSET to another
correlate Merge DSETs using a key
create Create one or more columns
default Specify the default DSET
delete Delete columns, rows or DSETs
export Snapshot a DSET to disk
finish Create a Reporting Database File
if Conditionally execute statements
import use Import a Dataset or CCR file
include Execute one task from within another
lowercase Convert column name and/or values to lower case
move Move rows from one DSET to another
normalize Normalize strings
option Set global parameters
rename Rename an existing column or DSET
replace Search and replace values in a column
round Round numeric values in a column
service Create a chargeable service
services Create multiple chargeable services
set Set cell values in a column
split Split column values
timecolumns Set the start time and end time columns
timerender Render a UNIX timestamp in human-readable form
timestamp Create a timestamp column
use See import
update_service Modify one or more existing service descriptions and/or unit label
uppercase Convert column name and/or values to upper case
var Define a variable
where Define a local filter

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