CloudCheckr CMx Cost Reports

CloudCheckr CMx offers three new cost reports—available for use within your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud accounts—that will make cost analysis and billing a more intuitive experience:

  • Cost Summary Report
  • Data Explorer Cost – Pivot Tables
  • Cost Dashboard

This topic describes the benefits of using these reports in your cloud deployment.

Report What Is It? Why Do I Need It?
Cost Summary Report Shows your costs over time in month format and allows you to interact with the data. You need on-the-spot answers to your cost data questions throughout the month to ensure that when you finalize your bills, you are sending out the most accurate invoices.
Data Explorer Cost – Pivot Tables Allows you to analyze, manipulate, and customize gigabytes of cost data using a Pivot table, custom fields, and graphical outputs to help you solve for any business problem. You need a flexible analysis tool that lets you to play with data—but doesn’t require integration with a third-party Business Intelligence (BI) tool like PowerBI or Tableau.
Cost Dashboard Provides you with aggregate-level data via the new interactive Home page. You expect premium reporting and CloudCheckr is happy to deliver it—with an enhanced interactive reporting mechanism that lets you drill into cost data for more focused analysis.

Click each text box to view the answers to the questions:

When you launch CloudCheckr CMx, you will see the Home page, which contains the new Cost Dashboard pane.

To access the Data Explorer Cost – Pivot Tables and Cost Summary reports, click in the Left Navigation pane.

Yes! You can switch back and forth between the CloudCheckr CMx and the existing CloudCheckr reports by toggling the in the Left Navigation pane.

Yes. You can share filters between the Cost Summary and Data Explorer Cost – Pivot Tables reports.

Currently, you can leverage two key Savings Plan data points in the Pivot Explorer report to help you better analyze your usage.

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