CloudCheckr FinanceManager Transform Statement: finish

The finish statement creates a Reporting Database File (RDF) from a DSET. The RDF can subsequently be used by the reporting engine.




The finish statement is used to create an RDF from a DSET. Only a single DSET can be used to create an RDF, but multiple finish statements may be used within the same task file. If there is no parameter then the default DSET will be used.

The RDF created by finish will be saved as <BaseDir>\system\report\<yyyy>\<MM>\<dd>_source.alias.rdf


  • <yyyy> is the 4-digit year
  • <MM> is the 2-digit month
  • <dd> is the 2-digit day
  • source.alias are the source and alias tags which form the DSET ID

Any existing RDF with the same name will be overwritten.


Create a Reporting Database file for the default DSET:


Create a Reporting Database file for the DSET Azure.usage

finish Azure.usage

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