End of Support for CloudCheckr AMI

CloudCheckr will initiate the End of Support (EoS) process for our Amazon Machine Image (AMI) product since we now offer alternative solutions that are more suitable for customers who require a self-hosted environment. Your account management team is available to discuss these alternative products and help you transition to a solution that is most appropriate for your business.


CloudCheckr will no longer support the AMI product after December 31, 2020.

What Does End of Support Mean?

End of Support means your AMI product may continue to function, but CloudCheckr will no longer provide software updates, security updates, patches, or technical support for any issues after December 31, 2020. CloudCheckr will deliver one additional release in 2020 that will only include business-critical bug fixes.

End of Support Policy

During the time leading up to the End of Support date, CloudCheckr Support will continue to assist you with issues and questions. However, our development team will only be able to provide patches or releases for business-critical issues.

Definition of Business-Critical Issues

A business-critical issue is a bug or limitation that prevents the product from being able to ingest data.

Business-critical examples:

  • Software will not launch, and the web server is non-accessible.
  • Software cannot ingest data due to an issue with CloudCheckr code (excludes changes made by the cloud provider).

Here are some examples of non-critical business issues:

  • reports failing to load or populate data
  • features no longer functioning properly

Next Planned Release

CloudCheckr plans to release the final AMI version in mid-2020. This version will include any identified business-critical issues.

The release will not include support for:

  • AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR)
  • Azure Plan [Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Modern]
  • new CloudCheckr user interface updates
  • new CloudCheckr API

Receiving Your Next Update

As a result of the End of Support announcement, CloudCheckr will discontinue the update cycle in the AMI Marketplace. If you are interested in receiving the planned 2020 AMI update, please contact CloudCheckr Support to initiate a private-offer receipt of the new AMI image.

The private-offer AMI image will require a limited-use license key that is currently not present in certain AMI deployments. CloudCheckr Support and Account Management will help you provision a license key.


Please contact your Account Manager or Technical Account Manager (TAM) if you have any questions, or you can submit a ticket to CloudCheckr Support.

Submitting Issues to Support

If you’re having issues with your AMI deployment, please contact us at CloudCheckr Support and our team of Support professionals will contact you.

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