Configure an EA Account

To enable CloudCheckr to report on cost data from your Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA) account, you need to obtain an enrollment number and access token from Azure. CloudCheckr needs these values in order to retrieve your Azure billing data, which is required to populate your CloudCheckr cost reports.

To configure your EA account, you will need to complete two steps:

  • In Azure, you will obtain the enrollment number and access token.
  • In CloudCheckr, you will create an Azure account and configure that account to collect your EA billing data.

Configure an EA Account in Azure

  1. Log Into the Azure Enterprise Portal.
  2. From the left side of the Enterprise Portal landing page, click Manage.
  3. Copy and save the enrollment number.
  4. Click the Reports menu.
  5. Click the Download Usage link.
  6. On the Download Usage page, click the API Access Key option.

    You can use the primary key or the secondary key.

  7. Copy and save the selected key, which CloudCheckr will use as a token.

Configure an EA Account in CloudCheckr

  1. From the top right of the Partners page, click the NEW ACCOUNT button.

    The New Account screen displays.
  2. Type a name for your account. If needed, you can change the name later.
  3. From the Cloud Provider drop-down menu, select Microsoft Azure.
  4. Click Create.

    The Configure Account page opens.

  5. Select the Collect Billing data from my Enterprise Agreement option.

  6. Paste the enrollment number and access token that you obtained from the EA portal into the appropriate fields.

  7. Click Update.

    The Edit Billing Configuration page opens.

  8. To complete your billing configuration, go to the Edit Billing Configuration: EA and CSP Accounts topic.

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