Rates Page in CloudCheckr FinanceManager

The Rates page allows you to configure manual rates for services that do not have a rate provided with their data source. Before you can use the features on this page, you must create the necessary service(s) in the Transcript engine. Once you have completed that requirement, you can configure global and customer-specific rate configurations. The following rate types are currently supported for automatic, daily, and monthly services:

  • automatic per unit
  • automatic per interval
  • automatic per unit and interval
  • manual per unit
  • manual per interval
  • manual per unit and interval
Automatic services obtain the rate and/or interval value from a column you specify, where manual services allow you to manually specify a rate and a fixed interval money value. For manual services, if you enabled Proration for a service definition, CloudCheckr FinanceManager calculates the charge on the cost reports based on the actual consumption.

By default, CloudCheckr FinanceManager configures each service with a global rate, which it applies to all accounts that consume that service. However, you can use customer-specific rates by overriding a service rate for one or multiple accounts.

Edit Global Rate for a Manual Service

A manual service can have up to three rate values:

  • unit rate
  • interval money value
  • COGS rate

To change these values, choose Services > Rates and click the name of the service where you want to change the global rate value:

To change the rate values of this service, consider the following:

  1. The Effective date is the date you applied the rate to the service. A service can have one or multiple revisions. You may add new rate revisions by clicking the Add Revision button. You can change existing rate revision dates by clicking the Change Date option.
  2. The Per Unit rate value is the value that the service charged for every portion of the configured interval service. For example, if the daily service is charged $1 per Gigabyte of database usage, and each day a 100 GB database is consumed, CloudCheckr FinanceManager charges a value of $100 per day (and $3,100 if used for entire month of December).
  3. The Per Interval charge is applied to every occurrence of the consumed service, regardless of the total consumed quantity of that service. In the previous example, this would mean that every day, a value of $110 will be charged for a 100 GB database: $100 because of the standard rate + $10 for the fixed interval charge. Considering the same consumption for the entire month of December, the total charge for that month will be 31 x $110 = $3,410.
  4. It is possible to configure a COGS rate for this service. CloudCheckr FinanceManager applies this in the same way as the Per Unit rate.
  5. To delete an invalid or wrong revision, click the Remove Revision button. You cannot delete the last rate revision for a service.
  6. To save your changes, which will also initiate a re-preparation of the applicable Report, click the Save Revision button.
  7. If you are planning to make more changes to other services in the same report definition, choose Save Revision > Without Preparing. This will avoid running the re-preparation several times and allows you to start the re-preparation only after you’ve made all of the required rate changes.

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