Known Issue with Azure Tag Ingestion

Microsoft has changed the format of its Tag data response under certain circumstances (i.e. when ";" or ":" are used in a tag name) such that the JSON cannot be parsed.

The appearance of this incorrectly-formatted JSON initially inhibited cost ingestion into CloudCheckr.

CloudCheckr has developed workaround code that will allow costs to be ingested, with the tag import skipped for any data rows impacted.

Microsoft has indicated they will address this issue by the end of 2022.

This workaround code only skips the tag if the JSON is in the improper format, and cost WILL be ingested properly.

Features related to tags may contain incomplete data until this issue has been addressed by Microsoft. CloudCheckr reports or billing rules that use tags could be impacted by this JSON issue. Please contact CloudCheckr Support if you have any questions.

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