Enabling Cost and Usage Reports

CloudCheckr has always used the AWS Detailed Billing Report (DBR) for cost and billing information. However, the addition of the Amazon Cost and Usage reports will give us enhanced insight into your deployment.

In March 2017, Amazon made improvements to the way that they apply RI hourly discounts. All Regional Linux/UNIX RIs with shared tenancy now apply to all sizes of instances within an instance family and AWS region, even if you are using them across multiple accounts via consolidated billing. This will further reduce the time that you spend managing your RIs and will let you be even more creative and innovative with your use of compute resources.

For more information, review Amazon's New Instance Size Flexibility for EC2 Reserved Instances blog post.

What is the Cost and Usage Report?

The Cost and Usage Report (CUR) contains cost and billing information that allows our application to better assess your deployment, so you can optimize your environment with more precision. The report includes a combination of AWS product, usage type, and operation used by your AWS account, which you can customize to aggregate the information hourly or daily.

How Can the CUR Improve My Deployment?

Before the launch of the CUR, payers could not retrieve any RI information from payee accounts unless the payees had provided credentials—the security permissions required to access an account. A payee account enables these credentials or permissions when they apply the cross-account policy to their account. Without the cross-account policy in place, the payer has very little insight into a payee's account. With the CUR, payers can bypass the need for credentials and access the payee accounts and retrieve RI information so they can identify:
  • the instances and the RIs that they are using
  • the payee account that purchased an RI applied to another account
While the CUR does not unlock the full inventory details that credentials would provide, it does offer payers enough detail that they can use for list cost calculations and RI unsharing.
At this time, you cannot unshare modified RIs, which includes convertible RIs, RIs purchased from the AWS Marketplace, and scheduled RIs.

How Do I Enable the CUR?

To enable the CUR, you must configure the report in AWS and in our application.

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