CloudCheckr FinanceManager Transform Statement: lowercase

The lowercase statement is used to modify the name of, and/or the values in, a column such that any upper case characters are replaced with their lower case equivalent.


lowercase heading|values [and heading|values] in column_ColName1 [... ColNameN]_

Although the syntax shown uses the keyword column, either column or columns may be specified. Both work in an identical manner.


The heading and values keywords determine the scope of the processing to be applied. The columns named in ColName1ColNameN may or may not be fully qualified. If a column name is not fully qualified then the default DSET will be assumed.

Only upper case characters in a column name or value are converted. Numbers, punctuation and other symbols are ignored. Any blank values in a column are ignored.


lowercase heading in column servicegroup
lowercase heading and values in columns servicegroup VMWare.usage.resourcepool chargeinterval
lowercase values in column Region

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