CloudCheckr FinanceManager Transform Statement: update service

The update_service statement is used to update service descriptions and/or unit labels.



update_service using file_file key_col[descriptiondescription_col][labellabel_col]

update_service using dset_key_col[descriptiondescription_col][labellabel_col]


The update_service statement can:

  • update a single service using a specific key
  • update all services whose keys are present in a DSET or CSV lookup source

Update a Single Service


The service with a key of service_key is updated with the literal description and label provided.

Update Multiple Services Using a CSV Lookup File

update_service using file_file key_col[descriptiondescription_col][labellabel_col]

The file parameter may contain a path component and is considered as relative to the home directory.

All services keys that match values in the key_col column in the CSV called file have their descriptions and/or labels updated with the values in the corresponding description_col and label_col columns in file.

Update Multiple Services Using a DSET

update_service using dset_key_col[description>description_col][labellabel_col]

To update services using a DSET, it must have been previously imported in order to be used as the lookup source.

The DSET ID is derived from the key_col column as follows:

  • If fully qualified then the DSET is derived from key_col directly
  • If not fully qualified then the default DSET is assumed

In either case, whichever is used, or both, of description_col and label_col must be located in the same DSET as key_col


  # Update all services from CSV file
update_service using file "system/lookup.csv" service_key description service_name label unit
# Update specific service
update_service "Small_VM1" description "Small VM 1" label "VM's"

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